Welcome to Visalia Hearing Center, a locally owned and independent private practice that provides personalized audiological and hearing aid services to the residents of Visalia and the surrounding Tulare County communities.

Our services include comprehensive hearing and tinnitus evaluations, tympanometry, expert hearing aid fitting and verification utilizing state of the art Real Ear Measurements, and complete service and repair for most hearing aid makes and models.  Our mission is to create delighted patients through exceptional service, expertise and technology.


Why Visalia Hearing Center?

The short answer is they are a team of highly-trained and experienced professionals who are focused on providing exceptional and personalized care.  For the longer answer, see below:  

Most individuals with hearing loss simply want to hear at their best.  However, we believe they have traditionally gone about addressing this problem the wrong way:  by focusing on the purchase of a hearing aid/tool.  Let’s think about this for a minute:

If you believe this is true, that the surgeon and mechanic are more important than the tools they wield, then extend this reasoning to the hearing care sphere as well.  What is more important:  the hearing aid/tool or the Audiologist who wields the tool? 

If you (or a loved one) are experiencing hearing issues and are interested in hearing at your best, we believe Visalia Hearing Center is an excellent choice as they are a highly-trained and experienced team of professionals who know how to properly fit, support and wield the tools necessary to achieve better hearing outcomes patients and their families are looking for.

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Our Services

Hearing Evaluation

Visalia Hearing Center is dedicated to bringing you the latest diagnostic technology available in our comfortable private practice setting.

Hearing Aids

At Visalia Hearing Center we are dedicated to bringing you the latest technology in hearing aids and related products.

Hearing Loss

A hearing loss is the partial or total inability to hear sounds in one (unilateral) or both (bilateral) ears. Hearing loss occurs when any part of the ear (outer ear, middle ear, inner ear, hearing (acoustic) nerve, and auditory system) is not functioning properly.

Tinnitus Evaluation

Tinnitus is a sound perceived in the ear(s) or head that is not generated from an outside source. Ringing, hissing, roaring, and crickets are just some of the terms used to describe tinnitus.

Hearing Protection

GOOD NEWS – noise induced hearing loss, tinnitus and hyperacusis in approximately 30% of the population can be PREVENTED!

What our patients are saying...

“I am so grateful.  I came in based on my concerns about potential hearing issues despite only being in my 30s.  DR. FINNEGAN took all my concerns seriously and provided a very thorough consultation.  When he sat down and went through the results with me, he was genuinely happy to tell me that I do not have hearing issues all while making sure to not discount the issues I have been experiencing.  I was amazed that I was not made to feel like I wasted their time.  The front desk staff is also a joy to work with.  I definitely recommend this place – a very honest and caring place to service the community.”

-Judy S.

“This is your thank-you note.  I wore my new hearing aid (along with it’s mate) to the vet’s office this morning.  Caylee needed yearly shots and I wanted to tell the girls there of another problem she was having.
  This was the first vet visit in a long time when I wasn’t upset with trying to hear and understand them.   It went smoothly.  Gosh.   Of course, it helped that there were not 13 other dogs all barking, but still, I didn’t give my ears, or hearing, or understanding them a thought.  Which is shocking when I think about it.  So, thank you very very much for helping me.”

“Dr. Finnegan was able to get my son into his office for a same day appointment! He was very concerned about my son’s comfort and did an amazing job helping him feel at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Finnegan! Staff was also very friendly and attentive.”
– Roy M.

“Awesome experience. Very personable and friendly! Appears to be extremely knowledgeable with hearing subjects!”

“Very knowledgeable and cares for you as a patient. I highly recommend Visalia Hearing””Dr. Finnegan is the best! He’s very thorough and does his best to make sure you understand the best options for your hearing issues. Every visit I’ve had has been extremely friendly, informative, and helpful and I definitely have a much better understanding of my hearing loss.

This is much better than my previous audiology center by far. Accepting your hearing loss isn’t easy, but this place is your best solution for that. Can’t thank them enough!”

-Amanda H.

“I’m a patient of dr.  Finnegan.  He’s great. Of all the AuDs I’ve seen, he has the most skill, actually explains what’s happening and puts effort into educating patients.  I can confidently say that the results of HA adjustment by him were / are the most satisfactory.  I feel that dr. F. is really interested in my hearing health. He follows up and seems to overall care.  I have a rare condition in my cochlea that requires particular approach and is probably more costly to an audiologist (time-wise) that a more “regular” hearing loss, but I have never felt that any of this was an issue to dr. Finnegan.   I can fully recommend him to anyone with hearing troubles.”

-Basia K.

“Really impressed with Dr. Finnegan and his staff! Mom is hearing great and it was a wonderful experience. We just moved to the Central Valley and my Mom was having issues with her hearing aids. I called Visalia Hearing Center and they were able to see her in a couple of days (this during the holiday season). Dr. Finnegan was thorough, quick, nice, professional and reasonable. It was worth paying a few extra dollars to get her ears cleaned vs making an appt with an ENT and going through insurance!

We have been to other audiologists and we always felt like we were just a number. Dr. Finnegan and his staff made us feel like we were family!”
– Debbie H.

“Made an appointment for ear wax removal and got attended within 2 days & had instant relief once it was removed it was painless and quick highly recommended!”

– Kebin R.