ReSound Nexia

Next-era hearing

Made for Auracast™.
Top-rated for hearing in noise.
Smaller than ever.

Just like a fingerprint, your hearing is one of a kind.

Hear like no other with our most natural sounding hearing aid. The design uses your ears’ organic structure to collect sounds the way nature intended.


Now available in a full line-up of styles
Help more patients hear their best in noise with ReSound OMNIA™ – now available in a full line-up, including a new Mini RIE and rechargeable customs. ReSound OMNIA offers the only beamforming in the industry to improve hearing in noise without feeling cut off.1 It’s also the only hearing solution to simultaneously combine narrow beamforming directionality for hearing in noise and omni directional listening.1 The result? An incredible 150% improvement in speech understanding in noise.2