Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

At Visalia Hearing Center we are dedicated to bringing you state of the art technology solutions. Did you know that hearing aids can now stream directly to your smart phone, televisions and tablets? Many of the hearing aids we fit are award winners at the CES Consumer Technology Association Trade show held in Las Vegas annually. Whether you are a technology “geek“ or just looking for a dependable solution to your needs we are here to help you by bringing global solutions to our own community.

We Offer

  • In office demonstrations with the latest in hearing technology so you can find out for yourself how much you’ve been missing.
  • Because hearing your Audiologist’s voice is not the most important sound for you to hear, we encourage you to bring a spouse or friend with you to your appointment so you can hear your loved one’s voice and to make sure that pursuing hearing technology will be the right step for you.
  • We fit prescriptive hearing aids that are personalized to the unique, individual needs of each patient.
  • We offer a 45-Day Return Privilege so you can use the technology in your own world to make sure your needs are met in the situations that are important to you.
  • Once you are happy with your hearing instruments, we offer a preventative maintenance program for your devices to ensure you maintain the highest level of hearing success.
  • As part of our commitment to exceptional patient care, we pledge to provide continuous education regarding the ongoing advancements in hearing technology to ensure that our patients are taking advantage of these breakthroughs.

We are committed to your satisfaction and happiness!